Monday, December 19, 2005


I look back on some of the stories from CUPIC and smile. The one that makes me laugh the loudest is obviously the Squawker story. As my buddy Mike has pointed out to me, “ There are two constant themes to the CUPIC series that won’t go away; one is that cheesy whoosh transition sound from the flashback to reality scenes and the other is Squawker.” Well, he’s right. This new CUPIC feature will explain its origins and finally put this folklore to bed forever. For one thing I haven’t come up with any new Squawker stories since the short from 2003, “SQUAWKER TAKES FLIGHT!” The story’s origin date back to 1990 and went under a different name… In 1997, before we were making movies, were writing short stories and I had mention what was then The McAllister series. He found these stories to be intriguing and to be interesting. I described some of the stories in detail and he wanted to hear more. Then I had mention the latest story that I was working on that was an updated version of one earlier and that there was a new plot twist. “That sounds like an awesome story.” “What is the name?” he asked with much curiosity. “SQUAWKER!” I replied with a million dollars worth of confidence. My smile became shaky when I heard Mike’s belly laughs. Squawker, what kind of stupid name is that. I went on to explain the reasoning for the name (that it was a name given to the creature by some yokels with minimal education). After several minutes of laughter and him telling every soul in the building the name of my short story, he got it and calmed down. I then told him that it wasn’t the original name of the story. “What is that?” he asked with curiosity. In addition, not learning my lesson from the first time I answered with confidence, “AWKMAN!” To this day, Mike is still laughing.

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