Friday, May 26, 2006


Okay, we'll I'm fed up... I saw five near accidents on my drive today, all due to cell phone use. The first was a woman who was in her huge Excursion was looking at her phone (probably sending a text message) and came inches from rear-ending me. The second and third were two cars, one on my left and the other on my right lane changing without checking. And quess what? They were both more interested in their cell conversation than driving. The fourth incident happened two miles later when I was attempting to make a left turn at a major intersection. A distracted driver decided to enter the left turn lane in the opposite direction, distracted by his call.... yeah... can we say head on... The last was almost a multicar collision at an intersection a few blocks later when the driver of a huge Dodge Ram decided to concentrate on his phone call instead of paying attention to traffic and ran the red light. Luckily, the drivers saw him in time and slammed on their brakes. No accidents... This was like an over the top action/ disaster film, but the truly sad part is that it was reality. Look, I know we all do it. But some of us forget that we are on the road and driving is, believe it or not, a challenging enoungh task by itself. Unless it's a call from the white house and only you can overt WWIII, your wife is in labor and you have to talk her through it, or your phone call will stop an alien invasion, let your voicemail kick in and take your call in the Fry's parking lot after you set the parking brake.