Saturday, August 29, 2009

Karl Rove Trashes Ted Kennedy on Day of Funeral?

Fox News made some effort to be respectful in its coverage of the death and funeral of iconic Democratic Senator Edward M Kennedy, but inviting Republican Karl Rove, the ultra-partisan advisor from George W Bush's Administration, to participate in the coverage was a mistake Fox News should have avoided as I show in this video.

The two short clips from Fox News in this video come from the Fox News program "Fox and Friends Saturday" which aired August 29, 2009, and which I could not find available online.

The photo of Sen. Ted Kennedy in this video as well as the text of Sen Kennedy's September 27, 2002, speech at Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies titled "Eliminating the Threat: The Right Course of Action for Disarming Iraq, Combating Terrorism, Protecting the Homeland and Stabilizing the Middle East" is available at

And, finally, as always, you can find DOZENS and DOZENS more examples of Fox News bias on my Fox News bias playlist on YouTube at

Financial Assistance For Single Moms

Financial Assistance For Single Moms

Huge HO Scale Model Railroad Railway Layout - WFRV TV

A Sheboygan gentleman builds his amazing dream in the basement. A very detailed, scenic, HO scale model train set. Soo Line. Train stations from the Town of Dale, Neenah, and more...
railroads, electric, cities, bridges, horns, 1/4, full scale, engineer, expensive, hobby, track, hobbies, signs rail detail

Photojournalist: Mike Vandersnick

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aborted Landing GE90 Engines Roar

An Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER makes her final approach to Heathrow Airport when suddenly the pilot aborts the attempt causing the GE90-115B engines to roar as the throttles are pushed to the maximum.

The reason the plane aborted the landing was because a Continental Boeing 777-224ER (N74007) hadn't cleared the runway in time either because it was too slow on approach or the Air Canada plane was too fast.

An amazing experience to be there almost underneath. We just hope our high definition, surround sound video lets you experience at least some of the thrill for yourselves.

Aircraft Registration: C-FITW
Aircraft Type: B777-3Q8ER
Manufacturer's Serial Number (MSN): 638

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All rights reserved.

Landing at New York JFK from Cockpit B747

Landing runway 04R at New York JFK airport. View from cockpit taken with Canon Powershot S80.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Radio X

Radio X from Crashland.Major Aluminumm-guitars,Bobby Scumaci-Synth/drums,Steve Taylor-vocals.

Big boobs=handy purse :)

Boobs. Okay, I had too... Sorry, I'll rename this blog, "FROM THE DIRTY MINDS OF INDIE FILMMAKERS!!!"

SXE Phil Theme Song | Typography | HD

This is an awesome intro/ theme song....

Dedicated to one of the most awesome YouTube-ers
Song: Spokesmayne
Animation: Jahanzeb Khalid

Show some DeFranco Nation love :P

if you want to download the song then go to Spokesmayne's video response and youll get the download link

i know i made a few spelling errors but ... 'Meh
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