Saturday, August 29, 2009

Karl Rove Trashes Ted Kennedy on Day of Funeral?

Fox News made some effort to be respectful in its coverage of the death and funeral of iconic Democratic Senator Edward M Kennedy, but inviting Republican Karl Rove, the ultra-partisan advisor from George W Bush's Administration, to participate in the coverage was a mistake Fox News should have avoided as I show in this video.

The two short clips from Fox News in this video come from the Fox News program "Fox and Friends Saturday" which aired August 29, 2009, and which I could not find available online.

The photo of Sen. Ted Kennedy in this video as well as the text of Sen Kennedy's September 27, 2002, speech at Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies titled "Eliminating the Threat: The Right Course of Action for Disarming Iraq, Combating Terrorism, Protecting the Homeland and Stabilizing the Middle East" is available at

And, finally, as always, you can find DOZENS and DOZENS more examples of Fox News bias on my Fox News bias playlist on YouTube at

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