Thursday, December 15, 2005


Is there a war on Christmas, I think so… However, I’m going to use this time for filmmaking and I want to rant about other stuff that effects that subject instead.

I feel that amateur and independent filmmakers should not be in competition with each other, but should form a sort of community. Let us leave that to the major Hollywood types, who make films that they think we would love to pay $10 bucks a person to see. We are in a position to make a difference with our films, not to be bounded by a supposed rule of production, a formula that has been used repeatedly, time and time again. We can think outside of the box and make pretty cool films.

With that said, I must add this; be true to yourself. If you have a vision, see it through. If you have an opinion, express it. We should be allowed to express an opinion and not be stifled. I saw it where one filmmaker was practically ostracized when he made comments about a few short films at a certain venue. Get over it and move on… With that said, we shouldn’t be thin-skinned either and open to criticism. I, personally, grow when challenged. I take on an “Oh yeah, Buddy, well watch this,” attitude. Hey, that’s my opinion…

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