Thursday, November 01, 2007


“The fact is, women are in chains, and their servitude is all the more debasing because they do not realize it.” -Susan B. Anthony

Gender Knight will explore gender oppression. Our program will consist of teachers, students, alumni, community members, social justice facilitators, and activists presenting, discussing, and performing on topics that involve domestic violence, homophobia, gender privilege, high school relationships, eating disorders, gender roles, and abuse. Please join us for this historic event.

The Hosts of Gender Knight...The Bubble Gum Boys

The Bubble Gum Boys started simply as an act in a high school faculty follies show. Four years later, they are social justice advocates promoting peace and tolerance. Ending all oppression is the mission of BGB. Will you join us? You can start by attending GENDER KNIGHT this December.

The Event:
Gender Knight "The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes"
December 14, 2007 @ 6:00-9p.m
10850 W. Garden Lakes Parkway Avondale, AZ
West View High School Auditorium

"Nobody ever said it was simple to be a man. If it were, more guys would try it." Henry Miller


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