Thursday, November 08, 2007


As we enter a sort of new renaissance here at Cactus Pix and new projects are in production, I can’t help but reflect on how the choices that we make, no matter how small or how you think will effect only you, can change a whole entire timeline.

Back in 2004, we had a serious momentum going for us that created various opportunities; Cloud 9 entry into the Phoenix Film Festival, the acquisition of long awaited equipment and software upgrades, improvement in our production quality, and other shorts that reflect all that we have learned, including Attack of the Cottonmouth Viper and others. They say that you cannot go home again; this is a true statement. Nevertheless, that will not stop me from wondering how things might have been if I had not let life distract me and stayed the course.

I believe that we would have continued to produce the three to five minute shorts, further perfecting production savvy. Major shorts such as Fourth Kind and No Man’s Land would have been produced back in ’05. The CUPIC Documentary would have been produced a year earlier as well. Our productions were moving closer and closer to the technical perfection that we desired. We were actually building a solid infrastructure, possibly with our own distribution company. Our goal was always to diversify our company, hence the reason why we created Cactus Pix to begin with.

Right now, I am very happy that we are continuing to make films… and we are looking forward to learning as we take this journey. We have a ton of new ideas and new project that are under way. Sometimes it does not hurt to face the big what if, but continue to live and thrive today…

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