Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Okay, we have a new website on You Tube to showcase our short films. For a while we were looking for such a venue, there were also talks of bringing back Fiction Theater. The FT project was sidelined after our local Public Access TV station was discontinued and taken off the air. We worked on other projects, mothballing this venture.

I have to admit that in the early days of You Tube, I was skeptical of the direction that it would take. The videos that I saw where similar to those amateur videos that were spoofed on recent Geico commercials with the guy making faces in the camera, the other with a pair of puppet eyes on his chin, chewing celery, and the college dorm hallway mattress duel. Such videos are still there, but there are also real programs. It is the return of public access, but ten times better.

We have a few of shorts online right now; CLOUD 9, ATTACK OF THE COTTONMOUTH VIPER, and BRIGHT IDEAS. THE MESSENGER will be coming soon.

Visit our site @ http://www.youtube.com/RCWMediaWorks

We are also working on a new Cactus Pix MySpace page as companion to our RCW MediaWorks and Cactus Pix main pages… Visit http://myspace.com/cactuspix

Visit the new sites and we will keep you updated.

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