Saturday, September 15, 2007


I am about to make quite a few people angry… There two categories of people whom I have no respect for; victims, and the people who create them.

In this blog entry, I will concentrate on the victims…

Let me clarify what I mean when I say “victim.” People who wallow in negativity, or want you to feel sorry for them for the hand that society has dealt them. Do not confuse them with the people who were involved in an incident or accident that caused them to suffer physical or psychological damage. Mostly, this group does not want to be a victim, but rather have their life return to a sense of normalcy.

Let me further clarify my thoughts, we all have issues that we are dealing with, in some fashion and at some level, might not be a serious problem for some and may be for others. We all want to find others who have the same issue, to find a commonality with that group. It is better to suffer with some, than alone. Healing can begin.

As an African-American into his forties, I have observed a ton of life. I like to meet different groups of people, to learn and grow. In my childhood, I lived in both a mainly black and Hispanic neighborhood, then moved to a predominately white neighborhood, two extremes. It seemed like barely a year went by before that neighborhood became racially mixed and even at that young age, I knew that I was getting a new perspective on things. I had a new group of multi-racial friends.. My parents kept me well grounded, and taught me about their experiences growing up in the turbulent times of segregation. I am proud that I have a strong heritage, and proud of the cultural and social contribution to American society.

I admire those who strive to uplift and better themselves, to rise above the trials and tribulations that are put upon them, and then in turn, they give back to the community to help others strive.

However, my eyes are wide open. Self-victimization is damaging. I do believe that there is a portion of society cultivates this aspect by perpetuating stereotypes and false assumptions regarding race. There was a time, and in many aspects it still exists, where every time you would turn on the news and hear about a crime, they were looking for some black person. I can remember frequently hearing about the many diseases and ailments that are prevalent in the black race. But I did believe that the stats on high blood pressure and the black race were true…. “Continuously hearing how a group is supposedly more susceptible to certain diseases would stress anyone out.”

With all of the stereotyping and profiling, we should not allow ourselves to be put into a mindset that would allow self-victimization. We should not let any person to steal another’s joy and dreams. Example; When a young person says that he wants to be a doctor, do not tell him that he has to play for the NBA. I like the NBA, and if you have talent for it do it. You should not have to do it because society feels that you should. I cringe when I hear certain people say that they would not do a certain thing, "because I am being held back by society." Be a solution, do not add to the problem.... You are not a victim.

That’s one man's opinion…

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