Sunday, February 01, 2009


We all know what's at stake here, but, the political positioning and game playing is still afoot. When I hear the statements like, "we won't be pushed around," or "we need to show them we want our agenda to be added to the Stimulus," I get incensed.

When an idiotic conservative talk show host blatantly says, " I HOPE OBAMA FAILS," I then realize that we have a long way to go in this country. "His plan panders to the far left liberal agenda. The only people who will benefit from it are slackers who don't work and want a handout." Check this out…

Rush, I agree with you. The wrong plan could benefit slackers. We saw that with the $700 billion bank bailout that occurred last fall. It was the biggest welfare payout ever, and slackers did benefit from it. No lessons learned, no remorse, no accountability, just countless Americans losing homes, countless Americans jobless. And the news gets worse every day.

You might remind me, "Rod, he's just a shock jock, whose job it is to stir up trouble for ratings." I agree. He has a right to his own opinion, and I'll save it for another blog entry.

When I get angry or riled up, I begin pace the floor and mutter to myself. Love ones ask me, "Ummm Rod, are you ok?" I answer with a yes, and proceed to tell them what's on my mind.

The same day of the republican shenanigans, we hear that Citigroup was about to purchase a new corporate jet. You think that would be bad enough, not even close, the aerospace company wasn't Boeing or Gulfstream, it was Dassault a French company. And no, this isn't a dig at the French, but with the current economic situation, to support the French economy with the bailout money that was given blindly to you from us taxpayers is beyond words that I can think without adding these characters, "@#%$" Check this out…

Do you really think you deserve a bonus after begging the government for bailout money?

Well, there may be hope of sanity for the GOP, the republican governors, I think that they get the point since they see the budgets for their states and see the ever mounting deficit before their eyes.

This should not be a Stimulus for bailing out financial institutions that have failed; this should be all about infrastructure. You know, the bridges, the power grids, the railroads, the highways that are crumbling before our eyes. Why is it that a little ice can blackout a few states at the same time? Why did a bridge collapse in Minnesota?

INFRASTRUCTURE… It is considered wasteful spending by the GOP. I can't comprehend why the very thought of infrastructure is so demonized by the GOP. Thank you Rachel Maddow, you seem to get it… and thanks for not letting one off the hook so easily… Check this out

They are pushing tax cuts, blah, blah… "We have to stick to our conservative principles." Where were your principles during the past eight years? You let this happen…

"But two of those years the democrats took the house." No. The new democratic house and senate were elected in 2006, but they didn't officially take their positions until congress reconvened in the next fiscal year, i.e., 2007. This banking problem, which is the catalyst of this economic collapse, began in 2006, and well before that; it is funny how some conveniently forget that fact.

I do agree with CNBC's James Cramer, who feels that the stimulus should be a lot bigger than it is. Infrastructure touches many things; the steel industry, construction equipment, materials, and a slew of other industries that would also benefit… and the one most important factor in all of this, jobs… we need people to feel secure enough to spend and buy goods. You can throw all the money you want at Wall Street, the auto industry, if it doesn't touch the people of this country, than you just might as well have flushed the money down the toilet… And since you are throwing our money around, can you loan me a dollar…

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