Sunday, February 08, 2009

2009 PROJECTS!!!

In 2008, we were light on our indie projects, but worked on quite a few of what I consider videos for our services side of business, Some weddings, a few musicians, training videos, and a few for charity. In reflection, I think that we worked on three projects that I would consider fictional shorts; Jason vs eHARMony, CUPICtv and a yet to be edited remake of out 2004 short, "THE EMMISARRY."

Although we made over 20 clips for CUPIC, they were mostly shot interview style and recycled clips from previous projects and the upcoming docu-fiction project that has been in post for two and a half years.

We are planning a busy production agenda for 2009. We have a few projects going into production soon.

CUPICtv: We will be posting casting notices for our upcoming episodes of this project. We will have production details and notices posted soon.

We will have a few short film projects that will go into production soon as well.

Check out the 2008 projects…

See Jeremy Kirks's Jason vs eHARMony short by this link…

Visit CUPICtv…

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