Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wil Wheaton praises Sony's 1,000,000/1 Contrast OLED TV's

Awesome technology.... Clip Detail

This is an amazing new technology that will enable extremely thin TV's with a contrast ratio that is about 100 times greater than the best consumer LCD's or Plasma's on the market today, thanks to the fact that they have no backlight. An advantageous side note of this means they are extremely power efficient. With tested response times of up to 0.01ms, which far exceed today's best. They are much brighter, with more vivid colors than existing TV's too.

A few issues remain to get this technology to the mainstream, the big issue being the organic material used has a relatively short lifespan. However this issue is being addressed, and as of recently the 11" version just hit the world market for real. Though at $2,499 it is "very expensive", even if it's technically cheaper to manufacture than any other TV technologies.

Expect full sized OLED TV's to hit the mainstream market in 2011 or later. Expect 30" models to start to appear in 2009.

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