Saturday, January 14, 2006


I have had it with selfish people, those who think of themselves in every situation. They feel that your every thought revolves around them, or should revolve around them. Those who don’t or refuse to accept the truth and those who don’t accept responsibility for their own actions. My respect is lost for those who live in a world of their own lies. I have no use for those who double talk about being in a team environment, but if the winds don’t blow their way then they are the first to cry foul. One other observation is that these people are always out to get what they want, not by sweat, tears, and hard work, but as a something for nothing deal. Beware of the gifts from these people; it is always temporary. Who needs the aggravation? These people always have something negative to say about everything. These people are so worried about others stealing from them, but those same people will do it to others in a heartbeat and will try to justify it. These people claim to be living a life of righteousness, but are actually living in hypocrisy. GROW UP!!!

The funny thing is that these people like to shroud themselves in mystery, as if they are much bigger than they are. They feel that the world is watching their every move. They feel that there is someone lurking around the corner just waiting to steal their ideas. These people have their supporters, those who shore up this type of behavior, and those who don’t realize that they are doing more harm than good.

I like a team environment. I like meeting new people. Learning from others makes you stronger. I’m not talking about giving away the farm, but sharing ideas and best practices doesn’t rob you or diminish you. Isn’t it better to fellowship, and share with others. The benefit is priceless.

There I go, ranting once again…

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