Thursday, May 22, 2008


Okay, so far no one has an explanation for something that my good buddy, Jeremy Kirk, got in the mail yesterday that has everyone stumped. When he went to pick up his mail, he found an envelope that was made of what can be best described as vellum paper. On the front of the envelope was his name and mailing address and a weird net-stamp with a weird logo on it; the initials "tb." Inside this envelope was another, smaller black envelope with no markings or print except that it was sealed with a wax stamp. Inside was a card that seemed to be made with the same vellum paper as the original envelope. The card has a series of symbols or hieroglyphs in a weird order and a red seal or stamp that was put their by hand.

This had Jeremy so baffled that he spent most of the day searching for an explanation. The one possible conclusion that mostly everyone is coming to is that it is some sort of viral marketing campaign. Possibly. Then a few people have said to me, "Hey Rod, come clean, this is some stunt you are pulling for CUPICtv." Well, I will not hesitate to drop the name of my new pet project, and I am a bit jealous that I didn't come up with the idea, because it is clever and it is freaking out Jeremy, but NO. This is not a campaign that is in any connection with CUPICtv. See, I just dropped the name in this blog a second time...

Other explanations vary; The aliens are saving resources and are not making crop circles but are using the US Postal Service instead. Alien abduction victims are getting these appointment cards that are telling them they are about to get probed. The list goes on.

If you know what the heck this is then contact us...

Maybe it is a stupid viral ad campaign, (jealousy talking), and that he will get the answer in the near future.

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